Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in 349691 cases in India in the past 24 hours, and 16960172 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in India at 8 hours local time. There were 2767 new deaths and a total of 192311 deaths; A total of 14085110 cases were cured; There are 2682751 confirmed cases.

According to the data, the number of new confirmed cases in a single day on the 25th has set a new record for four consecutive days since the outbreak of the epidemic in India, as well as the highest record of new cases in a single country on a single day in the world. Meanwhile, the number of deaths on the 25th also set a record since the outbreak.

More than 1.38 million new cases have been confirmed in India in the last four days. The “explosive” growth of new cases also puts great pressure on India’s medical system. At present, the medical system in many regions is on the verge of collapse. Even Indian health officials admit that India’s medical system has been overwhelmed. In recent days, words like shortage of beds, shortage of medical staff, medical oxygen and drug depletion have almost filled the front page headlines of India’s major media. In New Delhi and other places, the capital of the hardest hit areas, crematoria have been operating at full capacity in recent days due to the emergence of a large number of deaths.

According to the current epidemic situation and modeling analysis, a local research team in India found that the current epidemic situation in India may reach its peak around the middle of May. However, some analysts said that due to India’s special national conditions, it is full of uncertainty.

In order to curb the worsening epidemic situation, India has generally strengthened its epidemic prevention and control policies, and various blockades, “curfews” and restrictive measures are being implemented in many regions. The Indian government is also making efforts to ensure the shortage of medical supplies such as medical oxygen in many parts of the country. At the same time, the Indian government is vigorously promoting the detection and vaccination of novel coronavirus. The Indian government plans to open vaccination for people over 18 years old from May 1. According to the data released by the Indian Medical Research Council, as of April 24, India had detected nearly 278 million novel coronavirus samples nationwide, and nearly 1.72 million novel coronavirus samples were detected on April 24.