Eyes are the window to the soul as well as an important way for people to see the outside world. But nowadays, more and more people, especially young people, have myopia. This may be closely related to bad eye habits in daily life.

So, how to protect your eyes?

1. Do not use eye drops indiscriminately

When feeling uncomfortable in eyes, some people choose to buy eye drops in pharmacies. In fact, eye drops cannot be used indiscriminately. If so, the outcome may be terrible. The redness and swelling of eyes is not necessarily caused by inflammation. It may be an allergy. If anti-inflammatory eye drops are used, the symptoms will worsen.

2. Do not wear contact lenses

Some don’t want to wear rimmed glasses after having myopia, because they think it will affect their appearance. So they choose to wear contact lenses. In fact, wearing contact lenses can easily cause eye infections if not properly treated. Contact lenses are made of polymer materials with poor oxygen permeability, which will affect the eyes. Relatively speaking, ordinary glasses will not directly touch the eyeball, thereby reducing the possibility of infection.

3. Do not use eyes for a long time

In daily life, the eyes must be fully rested. Every time you use your eyes for more than 40 minutes, you must rest for 10 minutes. Look into the distance or close your eyes, so that your eyes are fully rested and are not prone to fatigue symptoms. The scientific use of eyes is therefore an important way to protect eyes.

4. Do not rub your eyes with your hands

When our eyes feel uncomfortable, we may subconsciously rub them with our hands. In fact, there are many bacteria on our hands, which can easily cause various eye diseases. Therefore, when the eyes are uncomfortable, we should not immediately rub the eyes with our hands. Instead, wash your hands, then close your eyes and press gently. When the tears flow out, in most cases, the tears will flush out foreign objects.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

You should wear sunglasses when you go out. Eyes are susceptible to ultraviolet rays, which will affect your eyesight. So wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you go out, especially in mid-noon when sunlight is strong.