Losing weight may be a career that every woman is passionate about. There are many ways to lose weight. But while doing it, I believe everyone will find that though the initial stage is generally very smooth, the effect may get worse in the middle and late stages. For a starter, the first two months are the golden period, the body loses weight very quickly. However, it will gradually enter the plateau period then. Whether it is to control dietary intake or increase the amount of exercise, the effect and speed of weight loss are still very slow.

What methods can help break through the bottleneck period of weight loss?

1. Strength training

When we are doing aerobic training for a long time, fat will be consumed quickly while also breaking down the muscles in the body. Muscle loss also means that our body’s metabolic level and the calories consumed in the body will drop, and then the bottleneck period will follow. In this way, if you stop aerobic exercise and resume your normal diet, your body will easily rebound.

In order to effectively reduce the probability of rebound, some strength training can be added after aerobic exercise, which can increase the muscle content in the body and prevent rapid muscle loss. The more common strength training is pull-ups, bench press or lunge squats. It can help to burn fat quickly while strengthening the body’s curve.

2. Enough protein

Many people go on a diet during the weight loss, but excessive dieting will cause malnutrition. If muscles do not have enough protein, they will be slowly broken down, so that the basic metabolism in the body will naturally decline, followed by a terrible plateau period.

In order to avoid this situation, you should take in more protein during the weight loss. Chicken breast, eggs, salmon and milk are more common choices. The daily protein intake during weight loss should be about 80%.

3. Diversified diet

Many people only rely on vegetables and fruits to maintain weight during this period of time. This practice is very extreme and will cause a serious lack of protein and carbohydrate in the body. The metabolic rate will decrease and the immune system will have serious problems.

In fact, in addition to controlling your daily calorie intake, you should also pay attention to a diversified diet. Often eating some coarse grains with fine grains can effectively delay satiety. And you should also consume more vitamin-rich vegetables, such as tomatoes, bitter gourd, broccoli, and celery. Only in this way can the body function normally and improve the weight loss effect.

4. Aerobic exercise change

Our body has a memory and it is also very smart. If you exercise for a long time, your body will gradually adapt to it. However, as the exercise time gets longer, the body’s endurance gradually improves and its exercise capacity will also become stronger, but the calorie consumption will decrease instead. For example, if one hour of jogging used to consume 600 calories, now it only consumes 500 calories. At this time, we can change some other aerobic exercises instead of keeping the body in a comfort zone for a long time. It can be replaced by skipping or intermittent running, which burns fat faster, so that more calories are consumed.

Weight loss is a process that requires long-term persistence. If the four methods described above can be persisted for more than 30 days, then the body will definitely undergo amazing changes, and it will not be easy to rebound after losing weight.